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ProfitClicking has become a huge success with the launch of PC's Ad Panel Program! The main factors are:

  1. PC's Ad Panel Program Triples Your Money.

  2. No sponsoring requirements.

  3. You earn 25% referral commission on your first level and 12.5% on your second.

  4. Daily compounding and withdrawals to maximize your earnings.

  5. Indefinitely sustainable -- Frederick Mann has solved the "sustainability problem" nobody else I know of has been able to solve so far.

  6. Passive members can buy "placements" to speed up the rate at which their matrixes get filled.

  7. The PC Ad Packages Test-Drive System (TDS) enables people, without risking any money, to get a first-hand experience of how ProfitClicking's exceptional Traffic Exchange works.

Since around 1997, there have been thousands of "passive" money-promising programs that can be classified under these categories:


# Autosurfs

# Matrix Programs

# Traffic-Exchange Surfs

# Gifting Programs

"Passive" programs are ones that have no sponsoring requirements, enabling "passive members" to make money by putting money into the programs, but not having to sponsor anyone.

Millions of people have participated and are now participating in these programs.

Some people have made a great deal of money with some of these programs by following a powerful formula (or some variation of it):

  1. Get in early.

  2. Get in with "significant" money

  3. If the program performs well, do some early compounding.

  4. Sponsor as many people as possible to earn referral fees.

  5. Withdraw your original risk capital as soon as appropriate to get into a "can't-lose" position.

  6. Parlay, compound, or let run some of your profits.

  7. Think in terms of maximizing the money you "take off the table."

  8. Much of the power of this formula is that it enables you to make money with programs that fail after a few months, but if a reasonably good program lasts 6 months or longer, you could earn tens of thousands.
  9. Frederick Mann has used an addition to the above formula he calls "bandwagon marketing."

PC's Ad Panel Program is Part of the ProfitClicking Program.

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ProfitClicking has profound implications for online moneymakers. With PC, any individual, group, or organization has the potential to improve their finances dramatically.

People are joining PC in droves. The Alexa traffic chart (above, left) provides an indication of PC's popularity. If the chart goes above 20,000 and stays there, it would indicate that PC is among the top 20,000 websites worldwide, in terms of visitor accesses.

You can sign up for PC for free: ProfitClicking = Moneymaker Extraordinaire!"

  1. PC is not MLM. PC essentially utilizes the "Direct Retail Sales" Business Model. When members upgrade, they pay $20 (or $10, while our "special half-price upgrade" is available) to PC Admin, who daily pays out $15 (or $5 for the "special half-price upgrade") to their Sponsors.

  2. Because the Sponsor payments are made daily, there's little waiting for the company to pay you. Practically no risk of the company not paying you.

  3. Great risk/reward ratio -- you risk $20 (or $10) with the potential for unlimited earnings.

  4. No sponsoring requirements -- you can buy your downline.

  5. The $20 payments are renewable every 3 months. This provides you with residual income.

  6. PC also utilizes a "modified 1-up system." Members on your first level pass their third sale up to you. These passed-up members in turn each passes their third sale up to you. This progression can continue indefinitely, eventually exploding your earnings.

  7. PC has a "High-Performance Bonus." Suppose someone in your downline promotes PC actively and extensively. He or she passes every tenth sale up to you. This can further explode your earnings in the long run.

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The Easiest Way to Become a Successful Online Entrepreneur = ...

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Warren Buffet's Winning Strategy:
"Find the Best Horses to Ride
(or Best Cash Cows to Milk)!"

Warren Buffett:
MBA Talk - Part 1
9 min 52 sec - May 2007

Cracking the Code!

In his book Multiple Streams of Income Robert Allen talks about "cracking the code." As prime example he gives the phrase "Nothing Down" which has been used to generate hundreds of millions in sales. The phrase "Nothing Down" is a "code" that appeals to people. Such a powerful "code" can make a huge difference to the response rates you get from your marketing efforts. Click for more...

Off-the-Chart Earnings

Case Study.

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Buffett's Brilliance:

  1. "Get one good idea a year and then ride it to its full potential." -- MBA Talk - Part 7 - 09:33

  2. "Our biggest mistakes were mistakes of ommission -- not taking action." -- MBA Talk - Part 6 - 08:29

  3. "Why smart people make dumb mistakes. You have to get rich only once. Blind spots." -- MBA Talk - Part 2 - 10:00

  4. "I've been extraordinarily lucky!" -- MBA Talk - Part 10 - 07:52

Find out How to Become Nearly as Lucky as Warren Buffett!

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We provide FREE downline building for the following kinds of programs:


See The MPL Easy-Money System.


See The MPL Automatic Marketing System.

Surf/Traffic Exchanges

See The MPL Easy-Marketing System.

Development Programs

See The MPL Automatic Marketing System.

Click here for more details of our FREE downline building service.

Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein - Co-Founder, IDENICS ® - - President, Survival Services International - 8/3/04

"I have had a close working relationship with Frederick Mann for over 10 years. During this time, hundreds of people have come to me for services as a result of Frederick's assistance. Over the past 17 years, I have had clients referred to me by several dynamic individuals, but these have never come close to the volume of clients I have received from Frederick's assistance. You could deduce that these referrals were the result of his publications that have praised my services, but this would only be a surface understanding of the reason for this success. Others have published my articles and recommended my company but the numbers of interested, potential clients for my services from other sources have paled in comparison to what has resulted from Mr. Mann. So why the greater success with him? I attribute this success to:

1. He is one of the most prolific writers I have ever known. What's more, aside from his publishing volume, there is the high quality of his content. His writings have always made an enormous impact on readers, providing them with valuable information that they can use to actually improve their lives.

2. The high percentages of people who have been successful from participating in his moneymaking programs. I can attest to the fact that many of the clients referred to me by Frederick paid for their services with money they made from his opportunities.

3. The incredible numbers of people internationally who read Frederick's writings and respect his work.

Frederick Mann is not just a success; he is a phenomenon. I have worked with many dynamic people in my career and Frederick is easily in the top five. He is one of the most intelligent and insightful people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. I look forward to what I am certain will continue to be a most valuable relationship."

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"Let me tell you something, don't ever think that I am just flattering you. I have joined in various schemes of very famous Internet gurus, but did not find a genius like you in Internet marketing. I have memberships with: Goldquest, Internation, Amway, Graham Hammer, Big Dog Secrets, Felix Ibay, TheRichJerk, etc., but you are far superior to everyone else I came across so far. Your best quality is your compassion... Your compassion towards others to become successful like you is a good virtue. Another thing is that your vision towards life is quite different... You are a visionary... I wish you all the best. Keep up this good work..."-- T.V. (12/29/05)

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Cash-Back Advertising

Note: Since late 2009, most Cash-Back Advertising programs have not performed very well and many have failed. Fortunately, Frederick Mann has created a cash-back advertising program that triples your money and that is indefinitely sustainable -- see Profit Clicking.

Imagine This! Suppose you're in the early stages (or any other stage) of building your business (online or offline). You discover that the online advertising industry is growing by 20-30% per year. You realize that practically every business and millions of individuals on Earth can benefit from advertising. Then you discover a few companies that can pay their customers back more than they spend on their advertising. You check out the companies' management, business models, and track records. You realize that a few of them offer great income opportunities... Do you want your income to "break out the top of the chart?"

Is it really possible to use the Internet to make money, to build several steadily-growing income streams, and/or to sporadically receive small and large sums of money? This website and the testimonials constitute strong evidence (even proof) that it is possible for those who learn the "tricks of the trade."

A major obstacle may be that some of the programs we feature look "too good to be true." How can you even think of making the kind of money we suggest? To many people, some of the programs look so unlikely that they immediately assume them to be scams. But what if some of them really are "pots of gold at the end of the rainbow?" Because relatively few people can suspend their disbelief, only a percentage of them actually participate in the programs, even if they really want more money. However, because of the many people we promote to, we do get substantial participation in the programs we feature -- usually providing our members with considerable spillover (where this applies). Of course, some people have to (and do) climb a mountain of disbelief before they can allow themselves to make money.

One answer is to adopt a wait-and-see approach. Subscribe by sending a blank email to: (Your address will be kept confidential.) Ask questions and observe for a month or two. Then, if it seems worthwhile, start "nibbling" at a few programs with minimal risk. You could start with a low-cost program.

By the way, if you can get to a point of earning $100 per week, and increase your earnings by 5% per week... then, after one year, you'll be earning $1,463 a week -- nearly $6,000 a month!

Warning! Frederick Mann has earned hundreds of thousands with "advertising cash-back" programs. However, it's an industry where many people have lost money. Some of the program operators in this industry have been dishonest and/or incompetent. (Some previously, apparently honest operators become dishonest when the numbers get big!)

The recommended basic strategy to win with these opportunities is to risk no more that 5-10% of your risk capital on any one program. Then you recover your original capital as soon as convenient. If appropriate, you sponsor others and earn referral fees. Once you've recovered your original capital, you parlay some of your earnings. You keep on taking out 30-70% of your earnings.

Become A 10X Performing Person!

In your head you most likely have a "program" about how fast your earnings and/or business can grow. "10% per year" is a typical "growth program." If you have such a program in your brain, it almost forces you you to think and act in ways that limit you to "10%-per-year" growth. It's a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy!

Would you like to earn ten times as much as you are now earning?

You most likely have a "rate-of-growth" program in your brain that limits your thinking and actions, holding you back.

In 1984, Jack Welch who was then Chairman of General Electric Corporation, was introduced to the "ten-times-growth" (10X) program. Over a period of 18 months, starting in 1985 when GE was a $30 billion company, the "10X-growth" program was introduced to thousands of GE managers. By 1988, GE had grown into a $300 billion company, and as a result GE's shareholder value had grown ten times!

At we apply the "ten-times-growth" (10X) program.

If you are not yet utilizing the "ten-times-growth" (10X) program, we're happy to tell you that FREE TRAINING (via email) is available.

Do you want the FREE "ten-times-growth" (10X) training?

The training consists of 35 interactive lessons. There are no fees of any kind. The success of the 10X approach is based on a few basic principles:

1. Your current results in life are a direct consequence of your general thinking skills, the way you think about yourself, what you do, and how you do it.

2. Your future results in life can be much better than they have been in the past.

3. Your current thinking skills and/or brain software can be upgraded.

4. The most powerful way to do this is through daily training.

5. You are able to find around 20 minutes a day to do this, most days.

6. Self-expression and feedback are very important aspects of learning and improvement and should not be underestimated or neglected.

More good news! FREE Sales X 10 training (called NewSell and consisting of 15 interactive lessons) is now also available.

To receive the FREE 10X training enter your email address and name below.

First name:

Last name:

Email address:

(Your name and email address will never be sold, shared, or revealed to any outsiders.)

Some ISPs filter out a lot of email. If you don't receive the 10X training details within 5-10 minutes, we suggest you open a free Yahoo or Gmail email account and use that to order the 10X training details, above.

Frederick's own (Cash-Back Advertising) Cash Cow:


Sometimes you "strike it lucky" with one or more of such cash cows and you earn enough to pay your living expenses for several years...

10 Reasons to Consider
Cash-Back Advertising

#1. For years, many people have attempted to design various types of paid-to-surf, get-paid-to-advertise, and cash-back advertising programs. that would be sustainable. We're reasonably confident that the cash-pack advertising programs we recommend are long-term sustainable. With business models that can be sustained long-term, earnings can be substantial. With programs that last a few months, quick profits can be made.

#2. Online advertising is part of a hundred billion dollar industry which could hit one trillion dollars within a decade. Cash-back advertising could become an important segment of this industry.

#3. To get an idea of traffic volumes, see Cracking the Code!

#4. You can usually join these programs for FREE and check out a great deal before risking any funds. (With some of them you can earn money without risking a penny of your own!)

#5. Get paid to learn to better utilize the Internet, which in less than 25 years has grown to over one billion users worldwide. No other invention in the history of the world has reached so many people so quickly. Be part of the biggest human revolution since the printing press.

#6. Find out where the massess are going and get their first! Many people become wealthy by riding -- like a wave -- major new technology developments and breakthroughs. Be one of them. Don't get left behind!

#7. Major changes are taking place in many economies and millions of people are now actively seeking new ways to earn more money or to find new ways to earn a living. Practically anyone can use cash-back advertising programs to earn more.

#8. There are no sponsoring requirements. This makes it much easier for most people to make money. However, you can learn to sponsor people and earn substantial referral fees.

#9. In addition to getting paid to advertise, you can use cash-back advertising programs to earn more from whatever you're advertising!

#10. To let this golden opportunity pass you by could be a tragedy -- as Warren Buffet says: "Our biggest mistakes were mistakes of ommission -- not taking action."

A Most Powerful Success Principle?

(See Powerful Success Principles!)

Horse Sense

Have you seen the book by Al Ries & Jack Trout: HORSE SENSE: The Key to Success Is Finding a Horse to Ride?

Find a New Cash Cow!
5 min 36 sec - March 26, 2008

Jack Trout Speech Preview
6 min 41 sec - Mar 9, 2007

How to Get Your "Money Horses" (or "Cash Cows") Moving forward and toward Your Destination of Making Money!

If you're interested in making money online, it may be useful to think in terms of a "Money Horse." You want to get on your Horse and then do the things that will move your Horse forward, making you money.

To get going you may have to spend some money. In a sense, this moves you backward, away from your destination. To make money you need to make more than you spend.

Programs that require just a one-time spend ("Horses" you feed once!) subject you to less risk. Many people join programs that require monthly spends. Many of them give up and drop out before they break through the barrier of earning more than they spend.

Some programs can be used by practically everybody trying to make money online. The Cash-Back Advertising programs featured by The MPL Easy-Money System are such programs because they can be used to advertise practically anything most moneymakers are trying to sell and/or promote.

If you're already making money online, you can use these programs to expand your marketing and earn even more. You can also make more money with such marketing programs themselves as additional income streams!

Rise Above Your Success Threshold!

The story of the Two Frogs is sometimes used to illustrate a most important Success Factor. In the basement of a French restaurant there are two frogs. There's a staircase with 8-inch-high stairs. A careless chef's assistant leaves the door to the basement open. So it's possible for the frogs to escape.

Frog #1 can easily jump 9 inches. So he jumps up the stairs, out the door, and escapes with his life. Frog #2 can only jump 7 inches. So he can't escape. He gets cooked for dinner and is eaten. Because he "operates below the 8-inch success threshold" he loses his life.

Probably about 98% of people trying to make money online have little or no success. If you're one of them, you're like Frog #2. As long as you remain a "7-Inch Frog" it's unlikely that you'll earn any significant money online. (Warning: Many "4-Inch Frogs" deceive themselves that they're "12-Inch Frogs!" Have you watched the American Idol TV song contest?)

Nevertheless, you may be fortunate in that only a small improvement may be required for you to become a "9-Inch Frog." If you're a "7-Inch Frog," you may find the resources on this page (and/or on the pages linked to) to enable you to quickly become a "9-Inch Frog"

If you're already a "9-Inch Frog," making considerable money online, you may experience some frustration because of all the "7-Inch Frogs" in your downlines who don't "produce the goods!" You may realize that you could earn a great deal more if more of your associates were to move above the "8-Inch Success Threshold."

The Most Important Skill that separates the "9-Inch Winners" from the "7-Inch Losers" is the Ability to Send "Interested Visitors" to a Website. By making the resources on this page available to people in your downlines, they can earn more money for themselves and increase your earnings as well. See also "How High the Success Threshold?"

Program management often provides training on how to succeed with their program. You may find that all the training you might need to become successful can be found on this page and its links!

Practically everybody can take actions and learn from them. You can discover actions that work and improve them. You can stop doing what doesn't work and do more of what works.

In trying to make money online, you have experiences... and form conclusions (or hypotheses). Some of your conclusions may be mistaken. You can make many more wrong conclusions than right ones. It's possible to "dyslearn" from your experiences (move backward) -- you could become less capable of success over time.

There may be people you interact with who want you to fail for psychological reasons, including envy. They may try to "assist" you with wrong conclusions. You could use the Scientific Method to improve your hypotheses/conclusions.

As a "general success approach" you may want to check out Simpleology 101 for FREE!

Because of "psychological factors" some people may sabotage their own success. If this applies to you, contact Mike Goldstein for a FREE telephone consultation.

Personal Development

During a TV appearance, legendary investor Warren Buffett was asked what he regarded as the most important thing people could do to become more successful. He said that you, yourself, are your own greatest asset; the more you invest in yourself, the better!

Online Success Giant Mike Dillard says: "Success is 90% mental (getting your head right), and 10% mechanical (executing the business)."

Consider Four Formulas (a "vehicle" is a "horse you ride" or a "cash cow you milk"):

#1: Bad Driver + Bad Vehicle = Crash

#2: Bad Driver + Good Vehicle = Crash

#3: Good Driver + Bad Vehicle = Crash

#4: Good Driver + Good Vehicle = Success!

So, to become successful at online moneymaking, you need to be a driver good enough to create a "Good Driver + Good Vehicle" solution.

Can you see that the Driver is the deciding factor? (A good driver can usually find a good vehicle! Also, a good driver knows that good vehicles can break down and/or go bad.)

Click for more on Personal Development!

GOOD NEWS! Every 2 seconds a new person joins the Internet community. Every 11 seconds someone tries to start a home-based business.

"BAD" NEWS! Typically, about 98% fail at making their home-based businesses profitable. It's bad news if you're one of the failing 98%.

It's GOOD NEWS if you're one of the successful 2% -- or you can quickly become one of the 2% -- because you can offer a solution to the 98% -- tens of millions of prospects!

GOOD NEWS!: We provide you with the "goodies" that enable you to join the ranks of the successful!

We've developed the FREE "Basic Get-Real Success System" (BGRSS) which may be the most powerful and effective way for most unsuccessful people to become successful!

To the degree that you master and implement the BGRSS Techniques, you can expect to gain these benefits:

Higher intelligence and more powerful thinking skills.

Greater ability to deal with emotional, psychological, and health issues.

Reduce the risk of brain shrinkage and dementia in later life.

Understand how online moneymaking programs work and how to work the programs.

Become a successful online marketer and moneymaker.

Increase your ability to solve problems.

Strengthen your "foundation for a more successful life."

Make the same benefits available to your family, friends, contacts, and downline members.

Get FREE access to the "Basic Get-Real Success System" (BGRSS)!

Home Marketing Resources & Free Submitters Money-Making Articles & Books Financial Giants Webrings

Powerful Success Principles!

In general, it's quite presumptuous to pluck "success principles" out of thin air and then claim that they're "powerful." Typically, each "success guru" comes up with his/her own "magic 8 or 10 principles." Why don't all the "gurus" come up with the same principles that can be tested and agreed upon like the laws of physics or the rules of mathematics? How many "gurus" have done any research to establish that their "principles" actually work? How do they really know that their "principles" even work for themselves?

There could also be a "catch-22" problem. What if the skills you need to read a book and apply its ideas are the same skills required for success? If so, an unsuccessful person would not be able to read a "success" book and apply its ideas!

Our attempted solution to this dilemma is the FREE "Basic Get-Real Success System" (BGRSS).

#1. Be Responsible (for What You Can Control)!

#2. Utilize Your Time Productively!

#3. Get (Appropriately) Real!

#4. Pay the Price (to Rise above the Success Threshold)!

#5. Find a (Good) Horse to Ride!

#6. Get Lucky!

#7. Get Unstuck (from Whatever is Holding You Back)!

#8. Increase Your Personal Power!

CAUTION:You may suffer from one or more "Make-or-Break Issues" (MBIs) that you may need to handle first, before you attempt anything else to become more successful. Most self-improvement books, tapes, workshops, etc, are a waste of time and money for most people -- unless they handle their MBIs first. Handling MBIs first opens the door to success -- which may otherwise remain closed!

Core Simpleology Courses:

Simpleology 101: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want (FREE)

Simpleology 102: The Simple Science of Money

Simpleology 103: The Simple Science of Personal Energy

#1. Be Responsible (for What You Can Control)!

Whenever you find yourself blaming others or factors outside yourself for any "lack of success" you experience, you may want to examine your level of responsibility. Whenever you "incorrectly assign cause" to anything other than yourself, you tend to "surrender your power." It's important to "distinguish between what you can and can't control."

#2. Utilize Your Time Productively!

Consider that your TIME may be your most important asset. Utilize it well. Don't waste it. You can never recover lost time. (One way to waste time is to read "success books" that don't work for you!) See Maximize Your Time Usage!

The Promise and the Price

According to "MLM lore": Mark Yarnell, a minister in a small town, was in serious financial trouble, about to lose his car and home. Fortunately, a veteran MLM sponsor introduced him to network marketing. The sponsor told Mark The Promise: "With this business you can set yourself financially free in 1-3 years."

The sponsor also told Mark The Price: "To succeed, you'll have to face and conquer 4 major enemies."

Mark said, "It's a deal!" He then invited 200 members of his congregation to his house to watch a video. 80 said, "Not interested." Mark had just encountered Enemy #1: REJECTION. He thought, "No problem, my sponsor warned me about that. I still have 120 people coming over!"

Guess what? 50 people didn't show up. Enemy #2: MEDIOCRITY. Mark thought, "No problem, my sponsor warned me about that also. I still got 70 people to watch the video."

Guess what? 57 people said, "Not interested." Enemy #3: APATHY. Undaunted, Mark thought, "No problem." 13 people signed up.

Guess what? 12 people dropped out of the business within 2 months. Enemy #4: ATTRITION.

This left Mark with just one serious associate. But Mark had paid "THE PRICE" and he succeeded. To this day, this single associate earns Mark over $10,000 per month.

Bill Britt, one of the most successful distributors in a well-known international company, was interviewed on the TV program 20/20. The show did a feature story on the company. They spent 10 minutes interviewing several distributors who whined and complained about their lack of success. During the last minute of the show, Mr. Britt was asked in front of his palatial home, "This business obviously worked for you. What's your secret?"

Bill replied, "There's no secret. I simply showed the plan 1200 times. 900 said no, and only 300 signed up. Out of those 300, only 85 did anything at all. Out of those 85, only 35 were serious, and out of those 35, only 11 made me a millionaire."

Like Mark Yarnell, Bill Britt "worked the numbers." Lesson: Your success is directly related to the degree to which you are willing to work to find others like yourself who are committed to succeed. Mark Yarnell's odds were one out of 200. Bill Britt's odds were 11 out of 1200.

Would you be willing to work with 200 people to find one who will make you $10,000 per month? Or work with 1200 people to become a millionaire? I hope you would.

It's easier when you have some idea of the odds, but you won't know the odds until after you achieve a considerable degree of success. If you get 50-100 people to sign up, and haven't found one serious person yet, you can either give up and assume the business doesn't work. Or you can realize that you need to send more "Interested Visitors" to your website(s).

How High the
Success Threshold?

An important challenge for wannabe online moneymakers is that the success threshold for succeeding online may be considerably higher than for succeeding offline. (You may be a "9-Inch Frog" in the offline world, while being a "4-Inch Frog" in the online world!)

You see, in the online world you typically work at a job in a company. You have a boss or manager who tells you what to do. The company has standard operating procedures for just about anything. You have a job description and access to operating manuals. Other people have developed procedures that work and you just have to perform them. Generally, you're not paid to think, but to to do what you're told.

On the Internet you're typically on your own. In trying to make money online, you have an almost infinite number of choices. How do you discover those actions that work?

Another difference is that in a job typically the "distance between action and result" is short. If you flip a burger and it falls to the floor, you can see what's happening and correct your action. An associate may grab you by the arm and show you how to flip a burger. A boss may tell you: "Next time you drop a burger, you're fired!" So it's an environment where it's easy to learn. You tend to get quick and useful feedback.

On the Internet you have virtually unlimited options on how to promote something. Maybe you send out a few thousand emails, buy some "guaranteed visitors," use some kind of blaster to "reach 7 million hot prospects," etc. Typically, you get no sales or signups. If you do get a few signups, they all turn out duds. This an environment where it's much more difficult to learn and succeed. You often don't get much useful feedback.

Understanding the nature of the "self-improvement" industry may be useful. You may want to check out the book SHAM: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless by Steve Salerno. ("SHAM" = Self-Help and Actualization Movement.) This is how a typical "self-help guru" becomes a millionaire:

  1. He spends "5 years interviewing 500 of the most successful people in the world."

  2. He identifies the "8 most important success principles" and calls them "the straight 8."

  3. Bill Gates told him that "getting good ideas" is the secret of his success, so one of the "guru's 8 principles" is to "get good ideas."

  4. The "guru" makes little or no attempt to establish cause-and-effect relationships between people applying his "principles" and the results they achieve. (As an example, a "success guru" might discover that "successful people are confident, so improving confidence must be an important success principle." But what if it's success that causes confidence, rather than the other way round?)

  5. The "guru" makes no attempt to provide any scientific evidence that anyone who applies his "straight 8" actually becomes more successful.

  6. The "guru" develops great presentation skills. He gets companies to pay him $10,000, $20,000, or more to present his "straight 8" to their employees.

  7. Because the "guru" has great presentation skills, the company people have little or no idea what "causes success," and they're all somewhat gullible, everyone agrees that "it was a great presentation and they learned valuable lessons from the guru." (Gullibility may be an important MBI for some.)
"You might expect that extraordinary results like these would lead Alan Wurzel [CEO, Circuit City] to discuss the brilliant decisions he made. But when we asked him to list the top five factors in his company's transformation, ranked by importance, Wurzel gave a surprising answer: The number one factor was luck." -- Jim Collins (From Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't)

Suppose you get a pain in your side and go to your doctor. He says, "After my medical training, I spent 5 years interviewing the 500 healthiest people in the world. I identified 8 factors that all had in common. Just implement these 8 things and you'll get healthy, too!"

You ask, "But doctor, how can you make a prescription without having examined me, and with no diagnosis? Shouldn't you find out specifically what's wrong with me and prescribe something to cure it?"

There's a flock of "Internet gurus" selling information on "How to Make Money Online." What if their main abilities are presentation skills, getting "testimonials" from their buddies, marketing online, and compiling "products" with fancy "covers" -- but content that is useless to practically all their gullible customers? If so, would they be the online equivalent of the offline "straight-8 guru" and the rest of the SHAM industry?

The brutal REALITY is that you could spend years buying and studying both online and offline "success books and packages," and never make any significant progress toward rising above your success threshold...

So what do you do? Answer: Check over this page, find something useful and appropriate for you, and implement it! If you PERSIST you will eventually rise above the success threshold -- even if it's higher than you now think!

However, "EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY" may be a personal constraint for you. If so, you may need to start with the "One-Small-Step Booster."

Identifying and Overcoming
Personal Constraints

Great book #1: The FlipSide: Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back by Flip Flippen

"Is it possible that something other than your talents, abilities, personality, or academic achievements will define how far you go in life? Could it be that the things that hold you back -- or constrain you -- are a far more reliable indicator of your success than any skills or talent you may possess? And if it is possible to identify whatever those personal constraints are and break free of them, do you believe that you could soar to new heights in your life? Would you choose to break free of your personal constraints if I could show you what and where they are and how they are affecting you?"

"We have been able to prove year after year, with thousands of success stories, that people who actively choose to identify and remove their personal constarints will fare better than those who do not. It boils down to physics: the lighter the load you carry, the farther you can go. This final law provides hope: you can do something about your current situation that will also have an impact on your future."

"In my work as a psychotherapist, I have two important tasks I must accomplish for every patient: first, I must make a diagnosis and second, I must prescribe the proper treatment. The diagnosis of any situation is critical. If the diagnosis is wrong, then it is difficult -- if not impossible -- to prescribe the correct treatment."

"Personal constraints are just that. They are personal, and they constrain you in many ways. Some are from birth, others from your childhood experiences, and still others you pick up -- like dangerous hitchhikers -- along life's unpredictable road. But no matter where your personal constraints come from, they all have one thing in common: unless you can find and remove them, they will certainly hold you back from your greatest plans, hopes, and aspirations in life."

The FlipSide includes a questionnaire to help readers identify their constraints, and specific approaches to overcome certain constraints.

Great book #2: The Hoffman Process: The World-Famous Technique That Empowers You to Forgive Your Past, Heal Your Present, and Transform Your Future by Tim Lawrence.

The The Hoffman Process addresses a wider range of personal constraints than The FlipSide. Bob Hoffman's identification of the "Negative Love Syndrome" may be particularly important for some people. See Hoffman Institute.

Great book #3: Addicted to Unhappiness: Free yourself from moods and behaviors that undermine relationships, work, and the life you want by Martha Heineman Pieper, PhD and William J. Pieper, MD. The Piepers' identification of "Addiction to Unhappiness" seems closely related to Hoffman's "Negative Love Syndrome."

Great book #4: Primal Healing: Access the Incredible Power of Feelings to Improve Your Health by Dr. Arthur Janov. Many people are to some extent "lived by their early imprints." Some people suffer from "helplessness imprints" that pervade much of their lives. This is described by Dr. Arthur Janov in Chapter 4: "The Imprint: How It Runs Our Lives."

Helplessness imprints can be described by phrases like: "No one wants me"; "They never wanted me"; "What's the use of trying"; "I'm all alone"; "Nobody loves me"; "Trying to get love is useless"; "I don't want to work anymore"; "I've done enough"; "I am not going to do it"; "I don't get any help"; "Nothing I do is worth anything"; "There is something wrong with me"; "Nothing can save me"; "I'm not worth s_ _t for anything"; etc. However, these are shallow descriptions of the tips of icebergs. The imprints include feelings, emotions, and pain stored as deep memories in the "whole human system."

Deep imprints, including those related to helplessness, impact the whole human system: mind, brain, and body. Quotes from Primal Healing:

"To feel defeated is real -- a real reaction to a real event of being deprived, any struggle at birth due to a heavy anesthetic administered to the mother, not some neurotic aberration."

"The imprint is really an ensemble of reactions that is impressed simultaneously into the whole system."

"Chronic high blodd pressure is a good example of how memory lives within our brain system -- it is an expression of a memory, a neurological imprint, which manifests physiologically."

"Hopelessness, helplessness, despair, and resignation can be imprinted through diminished oxygen [at birth]..."

"The more painkillers a woman takes during labor, the more likely her child will be to abuse drugs or alcohol later on."

"In trying to kill the pain, we are sometimes forced into behaviors that ruin our lives."

"For true and lasting change, deep levels of the brain must change physiologically, enabling key structures within the brain to recalibrate to optimal, healthy levels."

Chapter 10 of Primal Healing is titled "Why We Have to Relive in Order to Get Well." You can't just talk or think yourself out of the effects of imprints; to cure yourself you have to relive them.

#3. Get (Appropriately) Real!

Warren Buffett may be an important example of someone who operates in a manner that can be described as "appropriately real." If his main goal is to make money, then he certainly acts "realistically" to achieve his goal. The "appropriately" refers to what Buffett considers relevant and irrelevant when making decisions. A significant part of Buffett's wealth has come from his Coca-Cola holdings. Does Buffett ever ask: "Would people be healthier drinking water instead of Coke (the "juice of the gods")?"

When interacting with others, you may need to take into account whatever "unrealities" they may harbor. For example, if their philosophy, religion, and/or politics are different from yours, then they obviously need to get real... but it may not be a good idea to tell them! This has to do with getting appropriately real.

#4. Pay the Price (to Rise above the Success Threshold)!

In general, someone who operates above the success threshold tends to succeed; while someone operating below the success threshold tends to fail. To succeed there may be a "PRICE TO PAY." The price may include investing time, money, and effort to overcome whatever has been holding you back. You may have to acquire knowledge and skills. You may have to improve your Thinking Skills. You may have to overcome emotional and/or psychological difficulties.

If you're not willing to "pay the price for success" and actually pay it, the success you desire may elude you. It may be worth looking over this entire page to identify items that may be part of the price you need to pay in order to achieve the success you seek.

#5. Find a (Good) Horse to Ride!

Quotes from HORSE SENSE: The Key to Success Is Finding a Horse to Ride by Al Ries & Jack Trout:

"The purpose of this book is to shake you out of your concentration on yourself. We think you need to open your mind to the outside world. You need to search for success outside of yourself. This book will describe some of the people, places, things, and ideas where you can find it.

Losers look inside themselves for the key to success when success is all around them, needing only an open mind and a keen eye.

Winners look to others to make them successful...

If you wanted to be Vice President of the United States at the age of 41, would you have spent four years in college drinking beer, playing golf, and getting grades of Cs and Ds? Dan Quayle did... Dan Quayle didn't make Dan Quayle Vice President of the United States at the age of 41. George Bush did.

Tom Peters echos the same idea: "I don't like the whole notion of career planning. I've never had a formula, never had a life plan. I've taken advantage of luck when it came along." And he adds, "Luck is 98 percent of the deal."

...One thing Mr. Trump left out of his book was the critical, make-or-break moment in his life, the moment when he turned to his father, Fred Trump, and asked: "Hey, Dad, how about $50 million?"

...You,ll do much, much better in life if you look outside yourself and find a horse to ride."

#6. Get Lucky!

Note what Warren Buffett says about luck.

I (Frederick Mann) used to reject the idea of "luck" out of hand. That started changing when I read the book Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. (He's also the author of The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.)

Then I "dug out" a book on luck by Richard Wiseman, which I'd bought a few years ago, but hadn't read. To my surprise I found that Wiseman had studied luck scientifically.

I now suspect that luck may be one of the most important success factors for many people. Just learn to get lucky! For much more on luck, see "The Science of Getting Lucky!"

#7. Get Unstuck (from Whatever is Holding You Back)!

If you're experiencing less success than you desire or think you deserve, then you may want to consider the possibility that you're stuck in certain habits (or patterns) of thinking and behavior that prevent or sabotage your success. The most effective and efficient way to get unstuck may be to contact Mike Goldstein for a FREE telephone consultation.

Make-or-Break Issues (MBIs)

The idea of "Make-or-Break Issue" (MBI) may be important for some people. If your car's engine breaks down, you need to fix the engine to get your car running again. Anything else you might do to improve your car won't make it run. You have to fix the engine first! Such a broken engine is an example of an MBI ("Make-or-Break Issue"). If you get a new paint job for your car, while the engine remains broken, the new paint won't make your car run. That's the essence. An MBI is something you need to fix first.

Suppose you have a "procrastination habit." As soon as you try to do something you find "uncomfortable," you put it off til tomorrow when you'll hopefully feel refreshed and energetic... So you never get around to doing it! Until you overcome your procrastination habit, everything else you try to become more successful might be a waste of time, effort, and money! It's an MBI that needs to be handled first! Other examples of possible MBIs for some people are Depression and/or Helplessness, Fear of Rejection, Apathy, and Self-Sabotage Patterns.

From interacting with tens of thousands of people trying to make money online, I've come to the conclusion that about 98% don't succeed very well. What if most of them don't succeed because they're held back by one or more MBIs. I don't recall any of the "success books" I've read saying that there might be one crucial thing I needed to fix before I could make any progress toward success! Maybe that's one reason why most "success books" don't work for most people.

Mediocrity may be an MBI for some. There may be a hill or mountain to climb to rise above the success threshold. It may be vital to work with a Buddy or Coach to become more competent.

Some people may remain stuck in mediocrity because they Fear Looking Stupid. They don't ask questions. For some, the only way to rise up from mediocrity to competence is to ask stupid questions!

Denial may be an important MBI for some. If they deny their mediocrity, what will ever persuade them to become responsible enough to take the steps to become more competent? What can make them realize that they need to "pay the price" to become more competent.

If you know people who have been trying for some time to make money online without success, then you can be sure that they've been "unlucky" and/or "stuck in mediocrity" -- particularly if they've been "blaming others or factors outside themselves."

If you've watched the early stages of any American Idol (TV singing contest) season, you may have noticed how many contestants were mediocre singers. You may have noticed some denying their mediocrity and blaming the judges. Denying their mediocrity can't make them better singers!

#8. Increase Your Personal Power!

Power can be defined as the ability to do useful work. Your personal power can be regarded as your ability to take the actions that produce the results you desire.

An argument can be made that Personal Power should be the #1 Success Principle. Looking over the first 7 success principles may lead you to see them all as Elements of Personal Power.

Personal power has to do with achieving the results you desire. Isn't that the same as Success?

There are two basic approaches to increasing personal power or becoming more successful:

  1. What "positives" should I add to my life?

  2. What "negatives" should I remove from my life?

A make-or-break issue (MBI) can be regarded as a "negative" that keeps you stuck and nullifies your attempts to add "positives" to your life. E.g., procrastination. If you've lost your ability to learn, or it's been greatly reduced, then it could be an MBI that needs to be fixed first.

There may be One Factor that constrains you more than anything else. Identifying and improving this one factor may provide you with greater "benefits per effort" than anything else. Google: "problem solving techniques"; "theory of constraints"; "root cause analysis"; five-by-five why's; "barrier analysis"; "causal factor analysis"; "liebig's law"; triz; "psychological inertia." You may find a great deal on how to apply such methods in business, but rather little on how individuals can apply them to their personal lives. Why do you think this might be?

Realize that you might have blind spots that prevent you from seeing what constrains you most. Ask yourself: "What am I missing?"; "What haven't I noticed?" (Listen to Buffett on blind spots.)

Key questions: What constrains me most?; What should I focus on improving that will increase my personal power and success most quickly and to the greatest degree?

The above is a brief introduction to "Success." Much more "success information" can be found in our FREE "Basic Get-Real Success System" (BGRSS) and our "Killer Success Tricks.".

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